Letter of complaint

Hello guys 😊 welcome back again, today I wanna share to you guys an example of a complaint letter.

Tia wulan

Jalan suka bahagia no.10 RT 5 Rw 3, palembang 40202a

Februari 8, 2017

Toko alat pembuat kopi sejahtera R.A. Kartini Street, no.2 Lebak bulus, poins square Mall Jakarta 12440, Indonesia

Subject: Speedy Bean espresso machine (Model no.33705)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the obove machine, which I purchased from your store in Jakarta on January 10. I enclose a copy of my receipt and the guarantee for your information.

I used the machine for two weeks with no problems. on January 25 the espresso pressure gauge stopped working. I checked the user manual and followed all the steps listed in the trouble-shooting guide, but nothing helped. The machine appears to be faulty and is now unfit for its purpose-thats is, it no longer makes coffee.

To resolve the problem I request that your repair the item at no cost or refund the full purchase price of the product.

You can contact me on my mobile 08988999999 at anytime to discuss this letter.


Tia wulan

thanks for your visit 😊


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